Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Recording Day 3

The piano tracks were put down today. I hit some rough spots but I’m pretty happy with the takes. Someone left a copy of The Man Who Loved Only Numbers, so I read that between takes.
The night before we recorded the tentatively titled song “Werewolf” without a click track, giving the song room to breath. It was the only song that we recorded the piano live with the band. The other songs were recorded to a scratch piano, since the baby grand can’t be put into an isolation booth. For “Werewolf”, the drums were moved into the scratch piano’s booth and the baby grand was used in the larger room. The results were excellent and it felt as if we were recording as a family.
After the piano tracks were played, Brad played a guitar track on “Pageant Parade” and a Farfisa track on “Look at Me”.
I got a little stir crazy in the studio. Walking in the rain a few blocks helped clear my head. I think this is going to be a really good album.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Recording New Album

We recorded yesterday at The Bunker in Brooklyn. Basic tracks were laid down for most of the album. Ron is playing drums with a glomus tumor under his left thumb. He won't have it removed until after the session is complete. He's also playing with a pinched nerve, causing muscle atrophy on his hands. He's like the Hulk when the Hulk is David Banner with a glomus tumor under his thumb.
Pictures are currently up on my Flickr site and Facebook.
We're going back in today. We will be putting more pics up on our Twitter page.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

.357 Lover Fan Faction - When Bob made dinner for Brad

Brad and Bob had a long day that included a lot of hoping for things that didn't happen. Hoping is very consuming and hope that isn't satiated is even more consuming. So the two had whetted an appetite hoping for a piece of mail to come that never came. The couch that they sat on was very comfortable but made one side of the body receive more comfort than the other side which eventually took its toll on the two seeing eye to eye on some things.
Bob makes really good spaghetti but Brad was in the mood for a soup that Bob's mom used to make. Brad has a crush on Bob's mom and Bob's mom makes a really good soup. Bob insisted that she just opens a can of Bean and Bacon and adds water with a little vinegar. Brad said she didn't. Bob made a delicious casserole from a Woman's Day recipe and Brad ate it. His disappointment in the casserole didn't show because he was still hoping that the mail would come, which was a shirt from LL Bean.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010